Tuesday, June 30, 2009

of martell & gold label

vivien.. have a safe trip bac.. =)
it was a small farewell party for viv yesterday at her house..
but it was fun i guess..
how many ppl present there? din count.. i'll name them..
viv, jill, me, ccy, myke, casey, vic, panda, munyee, weng fai, shanti, & got 2 more..
not sure their names..
hope she had fun yesterday...
man.. din take any pics of everyone.. hmmm.. nvm ba.. next time...

oh.. drank this yesterday
haha.. ok.. sorry la.. i'm noob.. i din know wat i drank is called a brandy...
i don always drink ma.. *innocent u know* =p
had gold label earlier.. after that.. finished liao.. then i tried this...
not bad gua.. but everyone drank gold label instead of this... WHY???
i dunno le.. zzz... itu gold label panggil whisky...
went google search.. gosh.. i don even know got so many diff names for gold label..
zhadou man... hahahahaha... see how noob i am???
so... i dunno wat the pic looks like since all almost looked the same...

there was a list of games wan... myke says.. purposely to make u drunk wan...
lol.. dunno wat waterfall, queen of questions, king rules, rhyme dunno wat banana.. bandanna, chihuahua.. =.=" bla bla.. around 13 quite fun games it seemed..
jillian and i was like.. still blur... HOW TO PLAYYY wan?????
ended up.. we played texas hold'em poker & 21
haha kesian panda.. kena 'tipu' by ccy... LOL.. it was so funny..
drank, ate, played with girlgirl (chihuahua) oh.. she's so lovely...
dunno why ppl don really like chihuahua... myke cakap the way i stroke girlgirl makes me the next paris hiltion =.="" watever.. lol.. she's just so lovely..

after those games.. i know i was a bit dizzy dy.. *i feel so light.. HAHA* ok.. pushed myself to the kitchen, asked dear for a lemon and I sucked the lemon juice
(everyone saw me holding a lemon.. so paiseh!!!!)
then sat and talked with her...
later.. those babi fellas.. called me out... gosh.. really..
as in.. wanna make me drunk =.="
finally had to go out.. suen... kept asking me to drink...
since they know i'm gonna get KO-ed soon...
drank 2 or 3 more cups.. phew.. luckily still know wat i was doing
it's called sober is it? still drunk? not sure.. lol...
luckily i wasnt driving.. confirm langgar!
haha.. thanks ccy..

rite.. i really had a great nite.. thanks to vivien =) & everyone present there as well
bye vivi, & take care!

*second update*
owhkay.. ccy just woke up.. and he told me something..
alrite.. i was really drunk.. cause i thought i slept after i sent my last msg..
but ccy told me.. i CRAPPED for quite some time..
annoyed him.. he said he wanted to kick me.. LOL!
haha.. sorry dude..
and.. yea.. i fell from the bed >.< i forgot.. zzzzz
ccy said he heard something loud.. he woke up.. saw no one... and went bac to sleep...
how can i ever forget i fell down man.. zzzzzzzz
but when i woke up i was on the bed...
very... zhadou...

Monday, June 29, 2009


no idea wat title to put..
ahem.. skipping classes this week..
will be in ipoh for a whole week..
it's a bit of sacrifice.. but i think it's worth it for u 2..
been having fun these 2 days..
watch movie, Krave & sincero (though boring).. takei.. & KOPITIAM everyday =.="
haha... well.. being able to meet both of u.. really really make my week =)
yea.. & i also hope i can make both of u happy...
trying not to neglect my studies as well..
gonna study for my exam next week..

bye =)

Friday, June 26, 2009

Of MJ & Transformers

nope.. i still havent watch transformers.. & MJ's news has already swept the whole world in just few hours.. thanks for Fb & Twitter... oh well.. like ppl say.. life still goes on for us.. all i can say is, he is a legend & will be remembered.

alrite.. it's fri afternoon & i'm rotting at home.. doing nothing practically.. missing u.. (NOT CCY!)

ccy will be reaching kl tomoro morning/afternoon.. gosh.. i hope his flu (NOT H1N1) will not get him into trouble.. who ask u fall sick at times like this.. ish.. many ppl are waiting for u here.. annie, jil, me.. & esp viv.. she purposely delayed her flight just to see u.. so u better come bac here WITHOUT ANY SICKNESS plz.. kalau tak susahlah..

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


ipoh.. here i come =D
i'll be bac tomoro since 2 of my classes are canceled.. sweeeeet! ^^
hoho.. janganlah jealous orang-orang yang masih berada di kampar =p
and.. i really can't wait to see u.. =)
not ccy anyway XD HAHA!
oh yea... i just realised i was sad bout something this morning..
was in food court when i saw the banner/phamplets for the election thingy..
i saw.. his pic.. a fren of mine who formed a group of 6 ppl to compete with other groups and finally to be voted as student representatives for utar... you see.. i love politics...
i once told him that i wanted to join SRC next year (which is 2009 now)
yea.. since year1sem1 i've been searching for a group of 6 calibered ppl for SRC..
sadly.. those ppl that i wanted to form a group with.. left kampar...
and i gave up (my bad) searching for ppl to replace them..
guess i missed this opportunity eh...
too bad for me ba... sueennnnn la...
hahaha... forget bout it.. i'm just ranting...
=D nite

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Yes, i'm a lazy pig =p

jeng jeng jeng! XD

(nothing to do =p)

hahahaha... today, while waiting for an interview with the entrepreneur,
we were exploring the room =D and we found these swords
Dao & and normal long sword,
used while practicing wushu or taichi i guess
anyway, done interviewing him.

(yipz trying to slash me but i blocked it XD )

(Keat.. assignment mate.. lol.. see his shoes =p )

yay! 50% more to complete all my 5 freaking assignments!
damn.. must complete all b4 stupid Ccy comes bac.. lol..
u know wat.. i planned hor.. to...
er.. wth man.. bernard.. are u serious????????
it's already week 4! week 7 exam lor!!
=p =p =p =p =p
hahahahahaha.. just kidding la... not so chi sin ok..

anyway... it was indeed a great experience,

and i'm very happy because of u =))))))))

Sunday, June 21, 2009

I'm sorry i'm a carnivore, but i can't stand animal cruelty

as usual.. i woke up early.. even during weekends.. esp sunday..
need to go church leh... =D man.. i'm so holy =P HAHA!
and.. i'm the only one there.. sobz.. no frens.. tak tau mana mereka.. oh well..
ok.. screw it.. back to main thingy..
i read the star today.. i hate to read the star actually.. prefers nst...
just that my dad accidently bought it..
& since today is fathers day.. suen la.. small matter only.. =D
turn to pg 31 and u see this!!!
 okok.. calm down first bernard.....
i know.. Malays are not allowed to have any body contact with dogs...
yes.. i respect their reasons why as it is related to their religion..
and if they did touch the dog, they need wash their hands (in a special way, i'm not sure)
but but.. seriously.. i don't think that is the right nor best way to capture stray dogs...
i learned something from my fren, Aimi, i read her post on fb i think,
she said.. though malays cannot touch dogs, but they can still use newspapers or plastic, cover their hands tolift/carry/handle/wateva these dogs right..?
stray dogs.. have feelings as well le.. that big rifle there in that pic..
one shot.. i takut the dog dies only.. and they still handle dogs like that..
sighhhhhhh... speechless...
i hope someone can do something bout it..
alrite.. nough said, here's something diff..
haha.. i bought a new external hdd yesterday.. 320gb..
bloody old 250gb external hdd died too early.. 1 year plus only..
cis... wateva la.. i wanna get it repaired...
haha.. nice mou?? =p
besides that.. i assembled everything on my own okie!! =p
this chasis.. is so freaking huge and HEAVY! but.. really awesome
satisfaction =DD
 oh well.. transfered this super comp bac to kampar dy.. ipoh using noob comp only.. sob
and i guess... i need to go bac kampar tomoro dy.. sobs..
here's my super cool timetable ^^
weeeeeee! can skip tomoro's class XD then go bac on tuesday!! yay!!
lol...... cannot so bad le.. must be guai dy... next week product management exam!!
damn.. i must be prepared..

Friday, June 19, 2009

Arigato Gozaimasu~

ahem.. ahem.. so this is my debut =p yayyyyy!
1stly.. credits to Jillian, this blog is created because of u =)
haha.. i really really love to read blogs.. did gave a thought of creating a blog
but.. i guess i was just being too lazy to keep it up-to-date
2ndly, i'll try my best to publish something from time to time..
not to be so wordy as well.. there.. thats it ^^
It has been a great week.. can't deny it..
went to vien's bday party last sat.. drank.. crapped for an hour...
and sesated to Taiping on my way home >.<
since most of u guys knew wat happened.. i don wanna explain further
sigh.. went back to kampar.. but sadly no internet connection..
why la tm net.. why treat me like this...
everynite i have to go cc just to on9.. it's really suffering.. can't live without internet..
damn dulan wan lor.. they promised to come and fix the telephone line since.. er.. 1st of June?
i called.. like 5 times to remind him dy.. still.. sigh
(latest conversation)

Me: er.. selamat pagi encik sapperi.. (wat a name). boleh saya tanya bila encik boleh hantar
orang teknikal untuk siapkan telephone line dekat taman kampar perdana??
Sapperi: er.. boleh saya tau akaun itu atas nama siapa?
Me: atas nama Bernard
Sapperi: oh oh.. bernard.. okokokok.. minggu ni datang ye.. (puts down the phone)
Me: er... bila... (dut dut dut) wtf????
I HAVENT EVEN REPLY or ask him anything yet...
niamah betul.. inilah janji-janji kosong Tm Net...
i cant do a thing also rite... wanna curse him or go his office find him also no use.. really.. ish! blahhh! wateva la... don wanna spoil my mood this week =)))))
sorry.. no pics or watsoeva...
PS: gotta give credits to yinyin as well as she once asked me to create one.. but i sort of ignored her =p =p =p
PSS: Jillian was hereee =D