Friday, August 27, 2010

Kampar's famous nite market chee cheong fun! quite good. esp the char siu
have to queue up =_____="
one thing bad is.. they don provide spoons.. zzzz

and so yesterday
at we're headed to Melaka
(my uncle, Adrian and I)
for half a day trip
just for the Satay Celup
yes, it might sound ridiculous but we need to try it
because we still think Ipoh-ians are not ready for this

gloomy day. but saw bunch of hot models!
we were there at the right time
but sadly
not there for sightseeing >.<
and so headed to 

(along ong kim swee road)
and another shop

placed in the middle of the table
a stove below
and the gravy.
yes, we boil the food USING the gravy itself
it is DEFINITELY different from lok lok
it tastes much better.....

not much variety. disappointment

red sticks (60cents) normal sticks (50cents)
cheap huh?

bla bla

for those who thinks that satay celup = lok lok
try 1st and u'll taste the difference
if you never try.. you'll never know

another thing i wish to ask
Do you ppl mind if the gravy is being RE-USED
after every table of customers
because from wat we have tasted from BAN LEE SIANG
the gravies are being recycled
it tasted good >.<
yes.. it might sound geli
because gravy wor.. 
wat happens if another patron dropped a fish ball inside the gravy
and another batch of customers found it later =___="
would u still continue eating ur satay celup?

the other restaurant that we went
they serve a new pot of gravy after each batch of customers
sounds more hygienic rite?
it doesn't taste that good
it lacks.. some OOMPH
to me.. it failed
it was just like normal gravy

in conclusion
the dirtier the food is... 
the better it tastes?
i somehow.. cant deny that..
i really wonder are Ipoh-ians ready for this to be launched
i kinda doubt that...

PS: it was launched years ago. next to mgs. but closed down after 3 months. >.<

Monday, August 23, 2010


Presenting dearest

Lai Yin Yin

Happy super ultra belated 21st birthday!
NOT that i did not wish you earlier
(though purposely last minute of the day =p)
just that i din get to spend some time to celebrate it
after wat i did last year..  XD  hahahahaha


(2009. 20th birthday!) 


(2010. 21st birthday!)
(besides looking younger =D )
hmph! u don wanna light it!

*tips* enlarge the pic. LOL
will reveal at the end of this post

i just sat and watch her nom-ing on her food. sobs XD

went of Inception as well
yes. outdated. i know
but no choice
couldn't find the time
It was good
i think.. i had too high expectation
guess should watch it while it was 'HOT'
and... 2 hours +

I hope u enjoyed that day
ur pressies are coming soon
lots of <3 <3

PS: the candles >.< i used 3 candles instead of 2. NO MISTAKES THIS YEAR! =D

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Ni jui shi wo de wei yi


it took me.. quite some time
to save up for this
and finally my BaBy has arrived

i don have a camera =__="
gotta switch to my old phone to take this pic
but.. isn't she lovely???
she's WHITO-BELLI <3
so.. sweet looking. muax
stay with me.. forever kay....

i was so happy when i finally get to see her

my passport.. 
i'll get to see u soon ccy <3
(damn i sounded so gay)

watched 'The Expendables' last sat
with 3 other guys
wanted to watch early show..
but thank god i was smart cause i know they will ffk me =D

it's just so good..
maybe because i love gory kills
though they're really old
but they nailed it!

PS: i love my BaBy =)

Monday, August 16, 2010


the end of the busiest week ever~!!
glad that it ended not too bad
and so.. let me present you.. 
my 1st campaign =)


tsk tsk.. kids nowadays

ROFL? ahem, i see myke.

Yes gua..

the gals.. really know how to draw...

hmmm.. even for gays?


the gals really did a very very good job. 2 thumbs up!

rehearsal period =D

i still cannot believe i wore like this

my 'gay' partner from another scene
(that is a marriage certificate!)

(my rival at the other end =p)

Thank you everyone for making it such a memorable campaign
good teamwork and effort
nevertheless, FUN
It was great knowing you ppl.. 

damn.. my breast not big enough. LOL!

week 12. i just realised i still haven finish my Autumn's Concerto..
die lor die lor.. should i continue watching it?

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Ye xu wo tai guo tian zhen, yi wei qi zi hui fa sheng

havent been updating since a month ago
many things came up....

went for Dota Tourney again with my teammates
(audi,me, aizen, adrian and adam) 

celebrated ET's birthday
(somehow i love this pic) =D

rushed presentations + assignments + midterms

enjoy Dota-ing after hardwork

not forgetting to book flight tickets to aussie <3
for Ccy's graduation

Catching up with Dramas + Mangas + Animes

and as well as meeting new frens =)
and movie marathon-ing

and planned for a backpacking journey to Thailand + Cambodia
with just Rm300 bucks =)))))
lets see how i can survive there for 2 weeks
anyone wanna join me?
not more than 2 ppl..
we're going to sleep ANYWHERE! =D

As stressed as everyone might be..
i'm glad i was still able to manage my time well enough
life is hard
but if there are no challenges in life.. 
then what's the point of living..?
there are more things i wished i could achieve.. 
however hard is life treating you..
don let it the be reason you're failing..
let it be the strength to build yourself
face problems
don avoid it
and i'm very sure.. 
some things will change in our lives...
cheers~ =)