Thursday, December 31, 2009

mengharapkan tahun baru yang lebih baik

i wouldn't say this is a very bad year for me
it was bad..
but i guess i managed to cope with wat went wrong in my life
but it was definitely a superb bad year for the world

Death of countless celebrities
Natural calamities
And last but not least
Major loss to the world for
Bernard Keith's failure to become President of America Malaysia

It's ok world...
I thank you ppl for the encouragement and support!
Astalavista baby...
I'll be back...!

sorry la...
i know it was freaking lame
bear it for a while k...? XD
i don have any pics to post now..
cause rushing to go out
need to go shopping cause my mom forced me =(
suan la.. i become guai chai listen to her lor..
as for myself..
i'm the best shopper guy a gal could ever find XD
but.. to shop stuffs for myself..
i don really like to drag along ppl with me
cause i tend to shop super fast..
with a flick of my fingers and i could get a pair of shirts in mins
i just don really like to waste their time..
i don mind spending time with gals to buy clothes or items
i know most guys hate it..
well, i kinda enjoy it... hahahahahahaha
and still i'm not gay okay.........

till today
it has been a great december
busy enjoying my holidays =)))))))
awesome frens!
awesome food!
awesome fun!

Genting Casino...
9th December rite...
can't wait for that day.. hahaha...
cause these fckers wanna film me when i enter the casino
tak sabar sabar mau tengok my IC kena check =.="
suan la.. let u all have some fun le..
gtg now folks
enjoy new years eve =)
Have a great year ahead

HAPPY 2010!

Monday, December 21, 2009

feliz navidad!

Merry Christmas!

This is my Christmas Tree in my house
a small one though
nevertheless, it lightens up the christmas spirit!
man.. i love christmas
i miss the old times
especially during christmas eves
in OMPH or St Michael Church
bunch of frens will gather up
OUT-standing Catholics instead of sitting inside the church
and listening to the preaching
man.. those days were fun...

most of my frens don come bac Ipoh for Christmas eves anymore
most of them are studying elsewhere
cant blame them... but
some even feel lazy to attend masses
sigh, youngsters nowadays
don say youngsters le.. 21 liao
young adult nowadays.. zzzzzz

the few ppl i don fail to see every year were
of course Mabel, Joanna, & Joanne
oh.. surprisingly i do see Yikyang there. HAHA
sorry if i left out anyone
just naming a few ppl

(see how small my christmas tree is? =p )

oh.. if u havent been to my house before
i have a small alter hanging on the wall
with a pic of Mother Mary and the 12 apostles at the side of it
yup, i'm a Catholic
different from Christians =)
not gonna debate bout it now


Saturday, December 19, 2009

i know when i'm a bad kid

hey peeps.. i'm finally bac =)
no more exams

(haha, pic taken while playing treasure madness and watching digimon. yes i do watch digimon)

hehe.. a packet of dunhill ciggy..
yup.. thats rite.. i started smoking =)
peer pressure leh.. so try lor
don scold me.. =(

oh.. and remember amanda's my hairband?
i'm still wearing it XD

hehe... cant help it leh.. i like it alot XD
thanks amanda! HAHAHAHA
i think.. it's time for me to have a good hair cut..
any suggestions?

maybe.. bald like this?

"watcha want dude.. tell me watcha want!"

=.=" like criminal only
ngam ngam released from prison
this pic was taken years ago when i purposely shaved it like that

sigh.. dunno le...
wait till i get bac to ipoh tomoro
will be a busy week also

Avatar is waiting for me
Adrian is waiting for me
Jill is waiting for me
Uncle is waiting for me
my comp is waiting for me
my sister is waiting for me
Karin is.. waiting for me too?
lol no la.. i am waiting for her

gosh... when can i wait for something or someone..
suin la...

PSSSS: I DON SMOKE WAN OKIE! =.=" it was just a box of ciggy that was bought for some purpose. SELLING it for 9 bucks.. anyone?

Monday, December 14, 2009

Baru habis ujian PM pagi ini...

gotta wear hairband leh...
 the weather was too hot for me yesterday...
i gotta ask amanda to borrow me...

(trying my very best to study without internet connection =( )

i know i look sexy
even amanda's cousin says i look pretty XD

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

something worth watching =))))))

Monday, December 7, 2009


There's something i gravely don understand about some humans
some humans are so contradictory that
it sickens me whenever i see them

1. People who goes to gym, harps about being in good health and shape but fcking smokes

WTF WOR!!???

u wanna be in good health
u wanna look good like that
scared of being fat
but u smoke

damn sohai lor
don preach me about me being fat, unhealthy, bla bla
when u yourself are doing these things
to ur own so called HEALTHY body
stop it la
can ma?
u should know that
Positive + Negative = NULL
ur maths 10 times better than me wan
in the end, u waste money doing something so contradicting =___="
i don see a fcking point
tell me if u do
maybe u can clarify it for me
wanna stay healthy don smoke lor okie?

2. People who harps about "i hate ppl who does this.. that... bla bla bla..." and ends up committing it themselves.

the most common phrase which i bet everyone knows is


wow.. we hear that so often
and tell me who doesn't do that
why ar......?

"see that fella also know he's a drug addict la..."
"see him.... so ugly leh... aiyo.. with a gf so pretty wan ar... fail kau kau"
"wei wei, that guy/gal is very handsome/beautiful... i think i fell in love with (?)"
"He's ugly.. i don wanna mix with him leh..."

these are the few lines i picked up when listening to ppl's conversation
it's amazing that they ask their frens not to judge a book by it's cover
but they themselves are committing it
and mostly denying the fact as well when questioned
awesome huh?

Adrian and I were pawned by Annie Khaw's dad
more stories later =)

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

SMM Melaka

few days ago
went to Kota A Famosa Resort
it was actually a great place for a holiday
but too bad...
not joking

12 bucks for a plate of  Fried Rice
3.50 bucks for Burger
3.00 bucks for Mineral Water

screw it
here are some of the goodies we received for the tourney

front paper bag

back paper bag. slayer looks hot XD

a comic book

gaming tag! XD

a stupid cd =.=" don expect me to watch it

oh.. we were given few figurines but i gave it to my cousins
haha... see.. i'm good =P

Adrian with European's best Dota Team. MYM (Meet Your Makers)

having simple breakfast at MITC Ancasa Hotel

oh... we had to rent a car.. rm 130 for a Kia Spectra =.="
go melaka also have to drive.. swt lol
drove around to fetch a teammate
i'm not that familiar with Melaka's road
no gps, no map
and since my sense of direction sucked
Adrian and I drove around almost aimlessly
though with given directions
i still stopped few times for confirmation

sigh... so sad.. get to see from the car only
cant even get down and enjoy ourselves
due to time constraint

nice pic

don ask me wat is this

space shot


this place is quite.. interesting
it's a combination of CIMB Bank and Old Town White Coffee
i'm serious
don ask me why
it's near Dataran Pahlawan

at Equatorial Hotel waiting for Koala Bear XD

i wish 'she' was real in life =ppppp

last but not least. a pic of Adrian Dota-ing ^^

Ugh... on the last day of the Tournament
we had to go to Melaka Sentral to get bus tickets
seriously, we should have bought it earlier
but because of a fcking asshole
who did not plan things properly
at 3pm.. we bought a 9pm bus
yes, 6 fcking hours
thank god there was a McD
sat there with Adrian and Koala
had dinner with Koala's Family (sounds wrong huh LOL)

Oh.. this is a reminder to everyone
try not to travel during holiday season
or off days
cause we reached Ipoh at 7am
10 fcking hours in the bus
thank god we reached safely
thats all i was asking for

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

1... 2... 3

i remember u told me that
ur sister wants to invite me to her wedding
well, i've been thinking wat to wear and stuffs
i would be happy to attend the wedding as i would be able to see you once again
when i saw the pics
i was kinda sad
but i guess it doesn't matter anymore
i miss you