Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Kiss me ♥

If u ask me whether i'm nervous...

I would say..

YES! x 10

If u ask me whether i'm scared...

I would say..

YES! x 100

There's always a 1st time to everything
This would be it

2 long crazy weeks
3 countries




I do not know if i can finish all 3 countries in 2 weeks

but i will try my very best!

One could only wish me all the best and to be safe

I sincerely thank you for your concerns

I will definitely be back!

God will bless me!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Neo ttaemune sarangeul mideosseo


*risen from the dead*

blame exam + my laziness =D

i do not know wat to post =____="

yes. i do cook =.="
the dish on the left is..
corn beef + egg + god knows wat i put in. LOL

end result: not too bad. i like =D

and so the rotting season is starting
back in ipoh
and there's nothing that can be done in ipoh
besides watching movies
rotting at home with series
and hunting for food

can someone tell me wat the hell is this????
i found when i was scavenging food at home

my granny says it's chocolate
tastes sweet though
i had one bite
and i don really like it 

for this 3 weeks break
had already made some plans
was supposed to go kl..
to try bungee jump!

YES I KNOW I AN ACROPHOBIC (fear of height)
but but... 
IT SEEMS FUN LOR!! righttt????

but too bad. trip is most likely being canceled
haihs.... ppl pulling out last minute
and it's like a chain reaction later
causing the rest to feel the same way
oh well..
guess i have to get used to it...

as i have mentioned before
i will go solo backpacking instead
to where?
i shall update soon =)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

shadows on the wall

Despite such a stupid and screwed up day..
i still managed to put a smile upon my face
i do wonder sometimes.. 
where do i find that courage to do so...
and wonder why don't i just break down..
instead of faking as if everything was alrite...
very yeng meh?

i remembered watching a baby pampers ad
the baby put up a smile despite the hurdles he went through
maybe i just wanted to be like him... hmmmmm
staying strong

Heng. *Fan Fan*

PS: anyone knows where to buy empty perfume bottles?