Sunday, February 21, 2010

something to ponder....

(quoted from celestine)
A friend told me that to protect oneself from getting hurt..

tell this to the person.. 
(mostly for guys)

"DO NOT make me fall for you if you think you're not good enough for me..

DO NOT make me like you if you'll break my heart one day..

DO NOT make me love you if you're not ready to spend your life with me.." 

How far does this statement goes?

how should we fall in love then if we fear to get hurt
as there is no such thing as perfect relationship
and i quote again.. even after 10 years of marriage..
couples can still be divorced with kids..
the word divorced shouldn't even exist in the 1st place...

sad huh???

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

so they think that she will never get married. getting married? u gotta be kidding. how could u even DARE to utter it. sometimes, there's no one to blame. Till the end, if u wish to walk down this path after all the effort we put into you, so be it. naivety seriously kills. killed to be exact. tell me how to protect someone so naive... ? should i just let you go and understand how this world REALLY looks like? To wat extent should i really protect you...? is protecting really destroying someone's life...? God, who are u testing now? me? them? testing my potential to lie? testing how long more can they protect? really.. how do u want it to end? some guidance plz? do we really have to hurt to protect then...? if no one told me about it.. i wouldn't have known.. or maybe i ignored it for too long? God... i think ur calling upon me rite? it's time for me to do something rite? alrite.. i will then... after all, I really am God's Messenger. Amen.

Monday, February 8, 2010


Having a hard time now
It was hard
real hard
(not erection -___-")

I just learned how to DELETE 
(special thanks to my dearest twin)
I just learned not to be so compulsive 
I just learned that i cannot collect everything in the world
I just learned to let go
I just learned it was much difficult for me to let go even the smallest part of my collections compared to relationships (seriously)
I just learned some things are meant to be collected

My collection means the world to me
you may say i'm crazy and stupid
insult all you want
but don ever come and find me if u need ANYTHING that i have
because i may not be so nice anymore

this is my hobby
this is my life
no matter how bleak u think it is
i don change for ppl
i changed for myself
yes, i changed.

PS: sharing is caring. piracy kills

Thursday, February 4, 2010


spare me
slacking for few hours

found some random shit


so who said young kids aren't horny.. lol
Never judge a book by it's cover
(Air yang tenang jangan disangka tiada buaya)
who knows maybe our own kids will be like that some day >.<

(click to enlarge)
my fren made this
just for laughs
he is quite pissed with his uni

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Me and my cousin, Melanie
It has been 9 years since i last saw u as a kid XD
sadly i don have any pics with u last time when we were young
glad that u made it for this trip
hope to see ur sister soon too =)
lots of love,
from ur weird cousin bro XD

Busy week
came bac from a camerons trip last sunday
LOADS of stuffs to finish by this week
i will still spend my time multitasking
i wont abandon u, facebook =D

(stole ur pic XD)

I met up with Ei Leen today
it's been a long time since she left for Aussie
(why on earth is everyone in aussie =.=")
too bad i din get to take a pic with u =.="
hope u have a safe trip bac to kl
take care =)

I found a very interesting article from The Star Newspaper.
it reads 

Buenos Aires : Argentina's president recommended pork as an ALTERNATIVE to VIAGRA (LOL?), saying she spent a satisfying weekend with her husband after eating barbecued pork.
"I've just been told something i didn't know ; that eating pork improves your SEX LIFE! (Oooooooo!) I'd say it's a lot nicer to eat a bit of grilled pork than take Viagra, " President Critina Fernandez said to leaders of the pig farming industry. 
She said she recnetly ate prok and "things went very well that weekend, so it could be true".
Argentines are the world's biggest per capita consumers of beef, but the government has sought to promote pork as an alternative in recent years due to rising steak prices and as a way to diversify the meat industry.
"Trying it doesn't cost anything, so let's give it a go," (my dear muslim frens, plz be aware this is absolutely NON-HALAL! DON TRY!) Fernandez said in the televised speech. - Reuters