Wednesday, March 24, 2010


U know wat is a fortune cookie isn't it?
well, it was my 1st time tasting it
never knew bout it till Amanda gave me some to try
for those who never tried before
it's actually quite sweet
and crunchy

The shape is quite funny though

awwwww... so cute... 
it's only available in orange flavour i think
so how do eat this?
for me
I wanted so swallowed the whole thing
but amanda halted me
actually the right way to eat it was to break it into half
noob me

There's a reason why it is called fortune cookie

Ahhhhh! there's something inside!
a piece of paper!
(sorry, noob at breaking it into half >.<)
i took the courtesy to scan it since it's much easier to see it that way =)
Lets see what it says about me 


This is wat i found
ok.. sounds good huh
and so.. i was greedy enough and since it tasted quite good
i couldn't get hold of myself to eat another one =D


shiet.. can't deny that hor
i know u all love me

Friday, March 19, 2010

lan tau XD


TA DA!!!!

LOL or not??? lol!!!!!


backtothefuture 4

gomenasai~ gomenasai~
i know u gals ppl miss me so so much..
i'm back once again =)
busy man ma..
don even have time to pang sai
ok la.. exaggerate jor.. 
got time to pang sai...
but pang sai also i still wanna do something =.=
like reading newspaper or notes or play ipod
yeayea.. i'm those type of annoyingly dirty CLEAN GUY!
i got wash my hands!

This is something old.. but i think i forgot to post it
i should have guessed they don fcking care wat ur name is..
as long as u pay it... 
darn.. next time don wanna pay late jor.. extra rm50!! zzzzzzzzzzz

got so many things to post.. but dunno wat to start with =.="
give me some time...
i'll see how i can compile it..
i'm in love with some songs
korean and chinese songs
thanks to... someone
kena influence jor >.<

he is leeminho
from korean show boys over flowers
(the show i'm going to watch soon. hope.. it wont affect my freaking exam)
can u tell me which part of him is leng zhai?
i still think i look much better than him =DDDDDDDD
he looks gay =p

see.. i even advertise for Darlie and Colgate
more leng zhai, cuter summor
right or not?
i think i should start acting

Monday, March 8, 2010

i have to be on hiatus till next week
after my Dota Tournament
sorry folks..
will update if i have time..
sorry that i neglected so many ppl these days
juggling with quite some stuffs this week
don miss me so much k =D
love u gals ppl . muax

Monday, March 1, 2010

ku punya 20sen

here's my 20cent

I don like to disclose that much information about me
cause i don want ppl to think that they really really know me =)
of course i will reveal bits by bits bout me =D
and most of you already know what kind of person i am
which is more than enough
of course...
only very very few ahem.. candidates 
really really knew everything bout me =DDDDDDD
not good lor if alot of ppl know...
you will rob me away from my privacy =( sobs...
i am still a very mysterious person and i like it that way =D
i prefer ppl to take some time to know about me if they really want to... ^^

but hey..
gonna tell u a tiny winy thingy about myself today
these are few things u might already know about me
but u wont know why i acted like that for sure =)

1: I am cute =D
(just like the baby XD)

1st fact about me
cant deny that rite?
everyone says the same thing =)
there ARE reasons why ppl say i'm always perasan
cause if i'm not bold enough to say so...
where can i find the confidence when i'm working in the real world
I am timid
call me wateva
i have dealt with this issue since i was a kid
i don get agitated
bla bla..
whenever u call me names.. 
u can cont till ur bored with it =)))
since shortness is not a really good thing for guys,
God knew and gave me my cutenessss =DDDDDDDD

2nd : I eat like a rubbish bin Dumpster Truck

i may look small
but i can eat twice thrice as much as any of u can imagine =)
i'm making full use of my high metabolism rate
i don want ppl to think that
"aiya.. he's a small kid.. sure cannot eat... bla bla bla"
continue harping wateva u want
i like to get u dumbfounded =)
don ever look down on me
(i know i know... i know u have to look.. down when ur talking to me XD )