Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Neuj-eun-i hu-hoe-man-keum deo sa-rang-hal-gge

so much for a planned 2 weeks solo backpacking to Thai
it all miserably ended on the 2nd day  T.T
I'm still glad i reached Msia safe and sound
Thanks for everyone who helped and cared
especially my twin, yinyin and my ex-lecturer Jason
(will cont the story on next post)

I went to Thailand without informing my family
main reason: not wanting them to worry too much
2nd reason: they would have never let me go

I took an 12 hour train to Hatyai for rm34
not advisable
cause it was dead boring since i was alone
unless u have too much time to spend =___="
just take a bus there
only rm40 for 7 hours =____="
see the difference?

My 1st stop was Padang Besar Immigration
(had to google for pics since my baby is gone >.<)
and you'll reach Hatyai in 30mins ++ 
overall like i said,
sien journey

BE PREPARED when you have reached...
you will be thronged by touts
they hunt foreigners
not to say scammers
they are just trying to "help"
by being your tourist guide and elevate prices to everything =___="
basically cutting your throat
they earn commission..
cant really blame them geh...
IGNORE THEM and you should be fine =)

Hatyai is indeed a tourist paradise
a small town
where you can find ALMOST ANYTHING

-crazy spicy food 

-best place for drunkards (rm10 can get 3 bottles of booze) dirt cheap!

-applies for ciggies as well (i think)

-entertainment ranging from hookers, aqua,tigershow,nfi wat else
(no i did not go there for all these rubbish so i am not really sure okay)

-cheap rides! 
their famous "Tut Tut car"
besides that, there are vans.. busses and also registered motorcyclists
price ranging from Rm2 for most of it unless it's a van
BEWARE of scams =___="
since they practically know ur a foreigner
obviously they will want more out of you
so.. BARGAIN and say 20 bath(rm2) or 'yee sip' for a person
before u take a ride
if more than 20 bath in that town area just ignore and look for other tuttuts

travel tips: be prepared to learn or pickup some basic language before venturing or you will have a seriously hard time trying to communicate. no joke. FCKING HARD!

Ps: sorry not many pics to complement it.. sadly.. i'll cont tomoro...

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