Sunday, October 10, 2010

Yi we qi ji hui fa sheng

it's still fresh in my mind
the incident of getting robbed on the streets

those were the emotions running wild after it happened

i came bac from Songkla that evening
a place where everyone should go when ur visiting hatyai
or else it would be a waste
reached 'hotel'
took some rest
went out to search for a cyber cafe just to update my facebook status =.="

and headed of to the streets
roaming aimlessly
just wanted to explore the whole of hatyai
cause it wasn't easy to memorize all the street names
took me a while to recognize using the buildings

as i roamed farther from town...
i got lost
and it was quite hard to find a tut tut car
guessed i ventured a bit too far
it was starting to drizzle
so i tried my very best to search for an exit
but i was approached by 2 men
dark skin
both not too tall
definitely older than me
i thought they were just being frenly trying to talk to me
but instead
one men drew out his penknife
a small one. not too big
and pointed at me

at that point
(OH SHIT flashed my mind)
all i could do was trying to calm down
cause i dunno wtf shit they were talking in thai
then the other men searched for my WhiteBerry
and held to it 1st
of all things.. took my phone 1st.. FCK!!
i couldn't do anything but tremble in fear
next they wanted my wallet
and i had to take it out
i held on to some malaysian money
begging them to let me have it
i kept on saying
Malaysia Malaysia Malaysia
they showed some mercy and let me off
i quickly ran out from that place...
saw a tut tut
rushed bac to a cyber cafe
and took some time to calm down......

i was so scared i wanted to take a flight bac to msia that nite
but i calmed down
went on9 to look for yinyin
i was lucky they did not take my debit cards and passport
so i asked her to bank in some amount of money to my debit card
so i could withdraw more money (just in case)
to get a bus ticket bac next morning
it was hell
total loss 2.2k
2 weeks well planned trip = 2 days trip

an EXPENSIVE lesson learnt:::: i shall never travel alone anymore =___=" my minute size shows that i'm vulnerable to these things no matter how much precaution i took.
never the less, I thank God i was still alive. Amen

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